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Spring: Dream and Plan!

Gardeners and homeowners can find the cold, icy winter months restrictive for activities, but one good use of time is to plan for spring projects. Our Town Landscaping has two primary suppliers for plants: Van Berkum Nursery for perennials, and Millican's Nursery for trees and shrubs (and some perennials). We have worked with both of these wholesale nurseries for many years and appreciate the high quality of plants that they provide. Both nurseries have websites that offer great visuals as well as information about the plants that they sell - this is a good resource for browsing as you are dreaming up new ideas for your garden and landscape. 

Below, a screen shot from the Millican website showing details for PICEA pungens 'Baby Blue' (Baby Blue Spruce).

The Van Berkum website provides search criteria, allowing you to target your specific requirements.


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