New Lawns and Lawn Care

Our Town Landscaping provides a complete range of services for installing new lawns, maintaining existing lawns, and repairing and rejuvenating damaged lawns. Note that at this time we are not accepting new mowing customers.

Our most common method for installing a new lawn is with hydroseeding (read more).This tends to be the most cost effective for mid-size to larger lawns. We also have years of experience laying sod (read more). Both methods can also be used for repairing lawns as well, though typically for smaller areas straight seeding is most economical.

There are many preventative measures that you can take to reduce the likelihood of your lawn deteriorating to the point that it needs rejuvenation. Regular liming and fertilizing is recommended, and there are many options to choose from among organic fertilizers. Annual aeration and de-thatching keeps a lawn breathing better, which helps with disease resistance. Early detection of insects or disease is important – if your lawn care seems to be changing, call us sooner than later so that the required intervention can be minimal.