Patios and Walkways

Patios can be considered as floors of outside rooms. Connected to a kitchen or dining area, they often serve as a place to prepare or serve food. As an extension of the living room, they provide an area for socializing on the weekend or a warm summer’s night.

Patios are constructed from a variety of materials. Brick and bluestone are traditional because they are easy to work with and provide a smooth, solid surface. Other suitable patio materials include cobble stones, granite pavers, concrete pavers and Goshen stone. Often we use a blend of paving material for a unique effect.

Choosing and locating walkways is an important consideration when designing a landscape. Walkways greet our guests and guide them to the entrance of our home. They also help us navigate from one area of the landscape to another. Entry walks help form the first impression of a landscape and should be well designed and substantial while garden paths are usually more informal and may be only stepping stones or packed gravel.Our Town Landscaping uses the best quality materials and brings a high level of expertise to meet the unique demands of each patio or walkway project.