Plant Something NH Day

In recognition of the vital contributions of New Hampshire horticultural merchants, growers and affiliated organizations who positively impact our economy, environment, community and way of life, Governor Sununu has proclaimed May 20, 2017, “Plant Something NH Day.”


Concord, NH–March 29, 2017- In a collective call to action for New Hampshire residents to patronize the New Hampshire horticulture industry and “Plant Something,” businesses and organizations across the state will host celebrations on Plant Something NH Day, Saturday, May 20, 2017, where plant related educational activities, events and promotions will take place at independent farmer’s markets, farms, farm stands, florists, garden centers, greenhouses, landscape companies, nurseries and other horticultural organizations and related venues.

Interested parties can visit for more information on how to get involved in Plant Something NH Day or view a list of participants to locate a celebration event taking place in their area.

Plant Something NH Day is organized by the New Hampshire Plant Growers Association (NHPGA) as part of the new Plant Something NH campaign.

About Plant Something NH  Plant Something NH was introduced by NHPGA in New Hampshire this year to increase consumer support of the state’s horticulture industry by promoting public awareness of the health, environmental and economic benefits of plants.

NHPGA president, Jeffrey Meulenbroek explains, “Plant Something is a national grassroots campaign, originally founded by the Arizona Nursery Association in 2001. With its adoption here in New Hampshire, we join 23 other states, and the province of British Columbia, in this successful and growing national initiative. The Plant Something NH mission is to create awareness of how plants not only add value to our property and beautify our landscapes, but also how plants have a positive effect on our physical health and mental well-being, serve to sustain our eco-system and local habitat, clean the air, enrich our communities and even lower our home energy costs.”

The Plant Something NH campaign is administered by a volunteer steering committee of NHPGA member business and industry leaders. Committee chairperson Linda Zukas expressed, “We’re excited about what this campaign means for our members, who are part of more than 1,100 horticultural businesses in New Hampshire. Educating consumers about the benefits of plants encourages them to buy local foods, plants and related services, which has a powerful impact on our industry and the New Hampshire economy.”