Sod Lawns

If you need instant lawn, sodding is the way to go. While it is a more expensive choice than regular seeding or hydroseeding, there are situations where this will be the best solution. And while you should be prepared to spend more, our years of experience in planning and implementing sod lawns gives you the best value for your investment.

Because a sod lawn is already established, it is less likely to be penetrated by weeds, and it will have greater resistance to insect damage.

As with any lawn, it is important that the site is well prepared with a good layer of topsoil on which the sod will be set. It is also important that irrigation be available so that the lawn can be watered regularly while the roots from the sod establish themselves into the soil below. Every situation is unique: we will discuss preparation and maintenance requirements with you in detail when we are planning your sod lawn project.